My "Hello World!" in blogging

My "Hello World!" in blogging

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; here mine in the journey of blogging.

Hello World!

Have you ever had the feeling of having so much to say but being speechless at same time? It's exactly how I feel right now. To be honest, writing has never been one of my top skills: since the primary school I was much more keen on mathematics and science, while never shining in text production. This is the reason why I decided to go for scientific studies both at high school and at the university. It sounds ironical that, after all, I specialized in a job where I write tons of lines, even though for a different audience: machines (or more specifically, compilers). Therefore I told myself: "Why don't you give a try writing for people?". All in all, I should be a human if I'm able to pass the "I'm not a robot" captcha.

Io robot

Jokes apart, my studies taught me that the best way to learn is by doing. Hence, as I learned how to materialize algorithms into running programs by coding, likewise I want to learn how to turn my ideas into words through the art of blogging. And as every journey starts with a first step, here I do mine. It's an exercise which I start today and hopefully I will keep doing to improve and motivate myself. To put things into perspective, I like considering this first post similar to my first time writing code. In programming-friendly words, this is my Hello World! in blogging.


For who wants to know a little more about the writer, let me say who I am. My name is Pasquale, an italian software engineer with a master degree in software engineering and cybersecurity. I have expertise in programming, networking and cybersecurity topics, but I like enhancing this list by reading new books and learning about new stuff. I code using different programming languages since I don't have a preference, but I definitely love object oriented programming. Thus, when I can, I go for programming languages supporting such paradigm.

$ whoami
Name: Pasquale
Nationality: Italian
Profession: Software Engineer
Education: M.Sc. in Software Engineering, M.Sc. in Cybersecurity

Why a blog

Whoever works (or studies) as a computer engineer knows the importance of sharing knowledge in our domain. Therefore, after years of borrowing knowledge from the community, I feel it's time to give back: a blog is just the easiest and most effective way to achieve it.

Savage blogging

Additionally, I need a way to keep track of all the knowledge that I learned and I will learn throughout my work in the incoming years. You probably know the feeling of forgetting about something learnt some months before and then regret of not having recorded it somewhere: this blog is here exactly to vanish such feeling.

Why hackernity

This brings me to the reason of the name hackernity, which is a merge between the words hacker and eternity.


Let me start from the former: being an hacker translates in curiosity. It means never stopping at the surface of what we look at, but analyze it so carefully to possibly modify its expected behaviour. This is the mantra I will follow in every blog post I am going to write here. The covered topics will be examined in deep, with the goal to make them more understandable for everybody.

Since among the reasons I mentioned my determination to record somewhere what I learn in order to have it ready whenever I need, writing my posts on an endless tape (as the internet is) should let them survive in the eternity (or at least until the internet won't be turned off). It's also a way to hack the lifetime of my ideas which would survive the physical death and stay here, waiting for a young hacker in the future ready to take care of them.

Wrapping up

I am not selling anything, so there is no need for me to catch your attention by promising the impossible. This blog talks about coding, algorithms tuning, cybersecurity, CTF challenges and related topics. If you feel curious, if you simply want to learn more, if you don't stop at the surface of things, if you have the hacker mindset, then you should give hackernity a try.